Musings on the London life. We write about culture, socializing, office life and everything in between. Based out of Farringdon we keep our ear to the ground to bring you the best this city has to offer.


Meet The Authors


Alex first visited London when he was 14, from that age he knew one day he would live here. Moving from his native Greece in 2010 he finally made that dream a reality. He’s tried pretty much all the big European capitals and has no doubt that London is the one.
Favourite place in London: The view from Waterloo Bridge
Favourite quote: “We only live once but if we do right once is enough”


Ellie has spent the last 5 years determined to end up in London after growing up in Italy and going to Uni in Birmingham. She has now been here for a year and is making the most of all things London.
Favourite place: Walking from London Bridge to Waterloo along the Thames on a sunny day.
Favourite food: Anything pasta related


Jack is a born and bred Londoner. Having worked, studied and been born there you can say he knows a thing or two about the place.
Favourite place in London: Anywhere south of the river with an SE post code!
Favourite musician: Jason DeRulo



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