Expanding Circles – Conversations That Matter

Expanding Circles

Imagine you are a Greek philosopher. Imagine you are part of a circle asking the most fundamental questions about human beings and their relationship to the world. Imagine you are participating in beautiful, meaningful, conversations about life, success, beliefs and purpose.

This is the idea behind a meet up group that is called Expanding Circles.

Philosophical conversations, interesting and challenging topics, thought provoking questions and a debate from participants with different backgrounds.

The approach of that group is based on the belief that participants seek and gain deeper understanding of concepts through thoughtful dialogue.

Expanding Circles

I attended the very first meet up and I was really surprised with the quality of the conversation and the participants. Part of the circle were 2 ladies from PwC, a banker, a writer, an actor, attendants from the public sector and people that quit their job, people that put their passions aside in order to pursue a conventional career.

The topic of the first meet up was “purpose” and the questions the host, Ernesto Moreno, asked was “Is there such a thing? If yes, how do I find it?” I remember one participant saying that “I lost my passion, I don’t know how to trigger my self to find that passion again” and some others debating if we need to get into flow to achieve happiness.

I had a great time that evening and apart from the “circle’s debates”, I had the chance to meet and connect with other like-minded people, share knowledge, experiences and make new friends.

I am really looking forward for the next meet up which is on Tuesday 25 of February at 19:00 and the topic this time is: “Earning a living doing what we love: Fantasy or possibility?”

Expanding Circles take place every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. You can find all the scheduled events for 2014 here. Some “hot topics” that I will definitely attend will be:

– “Life after death: reality or a created human concept?”
– “Permanent Happiness and Joy: Achievable or Utopia?”
– “Success: are the privileged more likely to get it?”

You can connect with the other 57 “Expanders” on the Meet Up Group and get regular updates for upcoming events.


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