Five Of The Best London Cinemas

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We all love a good film, even more so when the cinema itself is state of the art. If you want to experience something different from the massive complex cinemas, where the popcorn is more expensive than the ticket, check out my favourite 5 London cinemas.

1) Ritzy Picturehouse is a beautiful cinema in South London that opened in March 1911.
What’s on and Ticket Prices

Ritzy Brixton

Ritzy Outside

2) The Electric opened in February 1910 and offers 65 leather armchairs with footstools, three 2-seater sofas at the rear of the theater and six double beds in the front row!
What’s on and Ticket Prices

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3) The Genesis cinema is used for entertainment purposes for over 150 years. The first building on the site opened in 1848, this place has a long history and it’s absolutely worth a visit.
What’s on and Ticket Prices


Cinema Genesis

4) Phoenix cinema in East Finchley, is one of the UK’s oldest cinemas. The ceiling of the cinema is impressive and on Tuesdays the tickets are only £6. The Phoenix celebrates a century of cinema in a beautiful video that you can watch here
What’s on and Ticket Prices

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Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 23.55.42

5) The Aubin Cinema run in conjunction with Shoreditch House and provides beyond compare  level of comfort and style for 45 people.
What’s on and Prices


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